Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

by Simon
Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

Can you freeze cottage cheese? You see, now I have to buy cheese in large quantities because there is a promotion, of course this cheap price must be utilized as well as possible. But sometimes the worry haunts whether it can be frozen for longer storage or not. If not, of course I shouldn’t buy too much because it will just rot in storage.

So, what about this cottage cheese, can it be frozen to extend its shelf life? If you are also having the same problem, let’s take a look at our review in this article on Can cottage cheese be frozen? Does it stay good when thawed?

Here we will dive deeper into cottage cheese. Indeed, we can just freeze it, but after freezing it will still be good and can it be thawed properly. This is the same as butter, it doesn’t freeze as well as water or other liquids. So, in general, cottage cheese once it’s thawed, it should be used immediately and leaving it too long can spoil it, and thawed cottage cheese is only good for a few uses. Let’s take a closer look at extending the shelf life of cottage cheese by freezing it.

Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

How about this question, can we really freeze cottage cheese? Actually, there is no specific answer to this question, because putting cheese in the freezer won’t taste as good as fresh cheese, especially when it’s thawed, of course it won’t look a bit pretty either. But in some cases freezing it is essential, while in others, putting the cheese in the freezer is not so important.

The same goes for other cheeses. If you buy feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, or brie or ricotta cheese, it will also be hard to keep fresh after thawing from the freezer.

So, actually if you want to freeze different types of cheese, you just have to study this article about “can cottage cheese be frozen”. We know that freezing and thawing food can slightly change its texture and freshness, so most chefs discourage freezing cheese. But what if you have bought cottage cheese in bulk because you got a great discount, then there is no other alternative but you have to freeze it in the freezer.

So, you still have to freeze it to extend the shelf life of the cottage cheese. Indeed, there is a slight change in taste after you thaw it, but you must understand that after going through the process of freezing and thawing, cheese must be used for certain things or in certain recipes.

You can use it for a variety of things instead of eating it yourself. Cheese that has melted will slightly change texture and taste, so it is not good if you want to eat it straight unless you are using it as an ingredient for certain recipes.

If you have no choice but to freeze cottage cheese, then the best way to use this cheese is as an ingredient in cooked dishes as opposed to uncooked salads or similar. Some good dish recipes using frozen cheese are soups, pies, sauces, or various dishes that are heated in the stove.

In a cooked dish, we are not concerned with the slightly altered texture of the cheese, so cottage cheese thawed from freezing can work well for this dish.

If you have some recipes that are cooked using cottage cheese, then you can use frozen cheese for that recipe. The point is, if you freeze cottage cheese, you can use it well in cooked recipes. If you freeze it to extend the shelf life of the cheese, and then eat it alone or toss it in a salad, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed with the taste and texture.

If you are curious about the shape and texture of defrosted cottage cheese, look at the image below. I’m sure you will not like it.

defrosted cottage cheese

How To Freeze Cottage Cheese?

If you have decided to freeze cottage cheese, then follow the freezing tips so that your cheese lasts and does not spoil in storage. For a good frosting, you have to start with a good selection of cheese. A good cheese to freeze is the full-fat curd variety or large, it freezes better than the low-fat variety, let alone fat-free. The brand of cheese is also important, some freeze well and some don’t freeze well.

So, you can try to freeze several brands, and find out which brand is best for freezing. But if you’ve bought cottage cheese in bulk, then there’s no better option for extending its shelf life than freezing it.

For a good freeze, follow these few points.

1. Figure out portions. You should know how to use it later after defrosting. What recipe are you going to use it for, so you can freeze those portions. This will be easy when defrosting at a later date.

2. Place the cheese in an airtight container or in a freezer-safe bag. Remove all air from bag before sealing. Choose a freezer bag as a storage container for a long time. Also make sure your freezer bag doesn’t leak so you can freeze it safely.

3. Put the bag or container in the freezer. Don’t forget to label it to make it easier for you to identify it. This makes it easier for you to know which one to scoop first, especially if you’re freezing a few chunks of cheese.

How To Defrost Cottage Cheese?

After a long time of freezing, when you want to use it, you have to defrost it first. There are several ways you can thaw frozen cottage cheese.

– Leave it overnight in the refrigerator. the best way to thaw frozen cheese is to remove it from the freezer and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Remember, the bigger your cheese, the longer it will take to melt.

– Put it in cold water. If you want it faster, then you can leave it in cold water. This only takes about a few hours.

– Put it in the food in a frozen state. If you need cottage cheese for a recipe you are cooking, then you can always add it frozen. Just toss it straight into your soups or stews when frozen. But before including it in the recipe, remove the bag first, you can soak it briefly in water and this will make it easier for you to separate the frozen cheese from the bag.

Cottage cheese is runny when thawed, remove excess water, this water is of no use especially if you are making pancakes. If it’s too dry you can always add a little cream or sour cream.

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How To Use Defrosted Cottage Cheese?

Frozen and thawed cottage cheese works well in many dishes that are cooked, including recipes using cottage cheese:

  • Soup,
  • Cakes
  • Casseroles and pasta dishes
  • Pancakes, using cottage cheese will add flavor

How To Tell If Cottage Cheese Has Gone Bad?

Have you been storing cottage cheese for too long, and worried that it has gone bad? There are several indications that tell us about cheese spoilage:

– The color of the cheese changes to yellow,

– The smell turns sour, usually cottage cheese has a light aroma, fresh and not sour at all.

– It’s sour, it’s not sour cream, and it doesn’t taste like it.

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