Can You Mix Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil?

by Simon
mix olive oil and vegetable oil

Olive oil and vegetable oil are the most widely used types of oil in cooking and frying as well as several other types of oil. But what if you don’t have enough olive oil and you don’t have enough vegetable oil, so the question is can you mix olive oil and vegetable oil?

Here we will tell you about mixing the two, is it possible for you to mix olive oil and vegetable oil to get an adequate amount for your particular needs. Continue reading our review here.

The short answer is “yes” you can mix it up. Olive oil and vegetable oil can be mixed easily. It’s just that you have to consider the right level of olive oil so it doesn’t give a strong smell, because the smell of olive oil is stronger than vegetable oil. The right portions when mixing will give good results and this will not cause problems in your recipe. So, how do you mix olive oil and vegetable oil properly? Let’s look at the following review.

How To Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil

Even though both are oils that can be used for cooking matters, between vegetable oil and olive oil there are some drastic differences in terms of taste. Of course, the smoke point of these two types of oil will change after mixing.

So, the way to consider when mixing the two is to start with a small amount first. So, that way you can pay attention to the taste of the combination, whether you like it or not. If not, then you don’t need to waste too much olive oil.

You can try it like this, in a cup or jar add two tablespoons of vegetable oil, and add 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil, mix using a fork until the two are completely mixed.

4:1 is a good ratio for a starter mixture, but if you find the smell is not pleasant or the olive oil smells too much, then you can add more vegetable oil to balance the aroma and taste.

Vegetable oil is an oil that does not stand alone and of course has been mixed with other oils, it is possible that olive oil is also already in the vegetable oil when you buy it. Then, most likely, you don’t need to mix it with so much olive oil.

However, if you want to meet your oil needs because the available vegetable oil is not sufficient, then please add as much olive oil as you want, but you have to tolerate the taste and smell which is a bit strong, but this is very healthy for food.

Will Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil Separate Once They Are Mixed?

The good news is that both have the same density so when you mix olive oil and vegetable oil, they will blend well and won’t look separated.

This will not apply if you mix other oils, so olive oil and vegetable oil can be the right combination when you need to mix the two.

Differences Between Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil

Even though the two have similarities, there are still differences between olive oil and vegetable oil. When the two are mixed there will be changes that you will see, pay attention to the following:

1. Smoke point

Olive oil is the purest oil, and the highest smoke point of olive oil is 210 C, while the smoke point of vegetable oil is 230 C. At first glance this is not a significant difference, but the number 20 which is this difference determines when you will mix between the two.

2. Flavor

Olive oil is oil that is pressed from olives in a certain way. This oil is the result of the fruit’s unique touch and this influences your food. While vegetable oil is the most neutral oil around, it has almost no taste.

3. Uses

We know that the smoke points of the two are different, so their uses will also be different. Olive oil, which has a smoke point that is not too high, is good for use as oil for sautéing or as an additional oil in salads without the touch of fire.

While vegetable oil is oil that is suitable for use in frying fish and so on. Vegetable oil is also suitable as a substitute for butter in some recipes to add fat.

Why You Should Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil

Most people think that the significant differences between the two will not be good in terms of taste when used as cooking oil.

1. Dilutes the taste

The taste of olive oil is very strong, as oil from natural fruit and of course it has a different smell from other oils.

So, with its strong taste, many people avoid using it. However, when mixed with vegetable oil, olive oil will be thinner and the aroma will be neutral so it can easily be added to various recipes such as using vegetable oil.

2. Stretch the Wallet

Some olive oils have affordable prices, but if you want high quality olive oil, of course the price is more expensive. But in terms of taste, high quality olive oil tastes good, it’s like virgin olive oil.

So, mixing olive oil can save your expenses.

When you buy olive oil, you can combine it with vegetable oil and this will make them last longer in your kitchen. Also, with the right ratio, you won’t find a bad taste, it will give the same taste as any other oil in general.

3. Healthy Options

Why does vegetable oil feel cheaper and more affordable? The reason is because vegetable oil is not processed itself, but other oils are added during production. So, vegetable oil can be said to be highly processed oil. Because this process makes vegetable oil lose most of its nutrients.

While olive oil is rich in nutrients and a very healthy oil, it is refined and can always melt in water even when mixed with ice water. So, mixing these two types of oil will make both healthy.

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Olive and Vegetable Oil FAQs

If you still have many questions related to combining olive oil and vegetable oil, then see this FAQs section, hopefully it can help answer your questions.

Can You Mix Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil for Deep Frying?

Olive oil has a low smoke point, so it is not a good idea for frying. So, you should not combine the two for the purpose of frying fish and so on. So, when frying you should still use vegetable oil only.

Can You Mix Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil When Baking?

That’s right, you can mix them up for baking. Adding olive oil when grilling can add moisture to your meat or grilled food.

However, don’t use olive oil alone because it can reduce the taste of grilled food. So, the solution is to combine olive oil and vegetable oil.

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